Recruiting 101: Financial Aid

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There are a lot of questions and many myths surrounding financial aid. Our coaches are here to help you separate fact from fiction. We also encourage you to visit Maine Maritime's Financial Aid home page and Sources of Aid page for additional information about specifc programs at Maine Maritime.

Apply early. Apply Early. Apply Early. The early bird gets the worm. Your FAFSA application can be filed on January 1, but you should begin pulling the information together long in advance.

Understand that NCAA Division III does not allow athletically related aid. Financial Aid is either merit based for academics, or need-based on family income.

In the fall of your of senior year, explore private scholarships and aid options. Do everything you can to make student loans a last resort.

A common question coaches hear is, “if schools base aid on merit or need, why does one school offer more than another?” This is a fair question with a relatively simple answer. Individual schools calculate need individually. In determining need, some schools count home equity and assets that other schools may not. In determining merit-based aid, some schools have more wealth in their endowment to draw from. Simply put, some schools can afford to discount tuition more than others.

Know that coaches cannot help in the financial aid process, nor can they influence the financial aid committee. NCAA rules strictly prohibit this practice. If your first choice does not offer as good a financial aid package as another school you are considering, attempting to negotiate a better aid package through a coach at Division III is a futile effort that will leave you frustrated. If you have questions about your aid package from any Division III school, you are better served contacting the financial aid office directly. That should be the same advice any coach would give.

The timing of your financial aid award is based on each institution’s admissions and aid timelines.