Kaitlyn Reny, Swimming

Kaitlyn Reny, Swimming

Lewiston, Maine

Marine Biology

Anticipated Graduation Year:

What made you come to Maine Maritime Academy?: The small classes, waterfront opportunities, academic scholarships, and swimming.

What first got you interested in your sport?: My school didn't have any sports I was interested and I still wanted to stay active so I joined the local club team and immediately knew swimming was for me.

What has been your favorite class at MMA?: Marine Science and Oceanography.

What is the best advice your coach has given you?: To tackle one technical error at a time.

What motivates you to succeed?: I have never been able to narrow it down to one thing, it's always been a combination of always wanting a to better myself in any aspect of my life, and learning new things. There's just no better feeling than accomplishing a goal you have been pouring your hard work into.

What is your prized possession?: My photo albums.

What is your favorite book? (Non-academic): I have not read a non-academic book in a long time, but my favorite book as a kid was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess.

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?: Most people don't believe me when I say that I hate public speaking because I am such an outgoing and talkative person.

What are your hopes for the future?: To make a difference wherever I end up.

What is your favorite spot in Castine/on Campus? Why?: My favorite place is the Backshore. Whether it's during a sunset, sunrise, or the middle of winter, it is a large open place that has something calming about it. Plus I love finding crabs, sea glass, sand dollars, and the bio-luminescence at night is crazy beautiful. 

What has been your favorite moment so far while playing at MMA?: My favorite moment was standing on the pool deck at the first ever home swim swim meet Maine Maritime has ever had with out brand new coach, listening to Steve Peed and President Brennan talk about how proud they are.

How has the InCommand Leadership Programming helped you as a student-athlete?: The InCommand sessions have helped me see other athletes points of views and how even though we are athletes, we are also students who have similar problems, we just handle them differently, which is not a bad thing.

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