Captains & Leaders

For those who are Captains or Leaders (as identified by Coaches) of their sports team, this annual one-time session is designed to provide leadership skills and tools as well as opportunities for reflection and growth. We believe any great leader needs a lot of "tools in their leadership tool belt", and the opportunity to hone their skill in using them. The goal of this program is exposure to new tools and encouragement to become an active and engaged leader.

Gatherings are highly interactive allowing for maximum practice of any given leadership skill. Topics and formats change each year to accommodate athletes who participate over multiple years.

2015 - DISC Behavioral Assessment & Use
Sue Medley - Former Division I Volleyball Coach, DISC Consultant

2016 - Emotional Intelligence - What is it? Why will it Enhance my Ability to Lead?
Institute For Sport and Social Justice

2017 - Seven Tools to be a Leader and Cultivate Culture of Growth on Your Team
Evren Gunduz - Enjoy Life Leadership

2018 - A Leader in Every Locker - Developing Teamwork Intelligence
Cory Dobbs - The Academy for Sport Leadership