Class of 1986 Hall of Fame Room

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The Mariners Athletics Hall of Fame room, made possible by the generosity of the Class of 1986, houses the William J. Mottola Mariner Athletics Hall of Fame.

In addition to the standard Hall of Fame plaques, the Hall of Fame Room hosts a browser-based version of the Hall on a 42-inch monitor. The 1,000-square foot space is a multi-purpose room available for an assortment of uses benefitting MMA student-athletes and staff. The interactive display, along with a ceiling mounted projection unit and conference table, make it an ideal meeting place for staff and teams, and a quiet study area during the day.

The custom leather sofas adorned with the Mariners logo make it a comfortable lounge area for student-athletes. Reminders of the tradition include a 24’-8’ mural representing each of the Academy’s 12 sports, and a 16’ by 8’ trophy case.