Maine Maritime Academy Sports Medicine

MMA Sports Medicine

Jake Heeren, MS, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, 
Health Care Administrator
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Cassie Lapple, MS, ATC, CSC, Certified Athletic Trainer
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Haley Yager, MS, ATC, Certified Athletic Trainer
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Tammy Tyler, RN, ASN, MMA Director of Health Services 
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Dr. John Tyler, Team Physician

Sports Medicine Fax
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Athletic Training Room Hours

The Maine Maritime Academy Athletic Training Staff provides the best care possible to the Department of Athletics students while keeping all medical records and information confidential. The Maine Maritime Academy athletic training staff provides appropriate health care in the areas of prevention, first-aid, treatment, referral, reconditioning and education of athletic-related injuries. This health care will be provided to all students participating in the Academy’s NCAA Sports.