MS Harborfest Regatta

MS Harborfest Regatta

This past weekend, Maine Maritime's Summer Sailing Program took part in the MS Harborfest Regatta to help race for a cure. Sailing out of Centerboard Yacht Club, the team gybed away from the fleet and light winds to keep the kite full and cruised across the line for a 3rd place finish in Division 1. As the donor of Tasman, it was especially helpful to have Rich Stevenson aboard to share tips, tricks and the magic of the boat with the students.

Sailing this weekend were;

Katelyn Smith, Driver
Alex Walker, Jib/Spin
Nerissa Cyr, Bow
Elijah Gass, Main
Drew Cyr, Jib/Spin

Matthew Minson, Helm Coach
Brittany Bridgham, Navigator

Rich Stevenson, Donor & Bow Coach
Nicole Barna, Pit

JM Payne, Trim Coach

We would also like to welcome Taylor Martin as the new Academy Sailing Coach. As the season winds down and the semester ramps up, the team looks forward to one final race Around Islesboro on September 8th.